A quick and reliable computer service that is affordable!

Having Computer Problems

Is your computer running slowly and nothing seems to be working properly?

Do you experience problems that never seem to have existed in the past?

There Is A Solution Just For You

Lets find the problem and fix your computer!

Your system could have slowed down over the years of use or it could be a virus wreaking havoc.

With Results That Matter

Once everything is done you will have a computer working like it should again.


Affordable & Knowledgeable

We use our computers in our daily lives and like a car computers need to be maintained to keep them working.

With a quick turn around time and low cost options, you could have your computer fixed and working again in no time!

I have returned to West Grey with experience of repairing computers since high school and I have received a bachelors degree in Software Engineering.

And best of all repairs are guaranteed, if it cannot be fixed then there is no charge.